Double Bay Carport with Gable Roof

Double Bay Carport Fair Dinkum Builds Tweed Valley
Completed project in Tweed Heads – Fair Dinkum Builds Tweed Heads
This Double Bay Carport with Gable Roof has been expertly crafted to withstand the harsh Australian weather, providing you with lasting protection and durability. With a range of styles, colours and sizes we can custom build a carport to suit your backyard in either single, double or triple sizing.

Dimensions & Specs


Width (m)

6 metres

Length (m)

6.5 metres

Eave Height (m)

2.4 metres

Pitch (° degrees)

Gable Roof 22 Degrees




Classic Cream
Double Bay Carport with Gable Roof

Double Bay Carport with Gable Roof will be the ultimate addition to your home this summer providing a shady spot to park your car whilst also doubling as a handy entertaining space for the weekend family BBQ. Our high quality carports are designed to enhance your backyard or attach beautifully to your home, not only providing shade and shelter but adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Explore our collection now and let us transform your outdoor area into a comfortable and stylish retreat, custom built.

Whilst selecting which Carport will suit best to your home, we need to explore the following options:

Colour – The colour possibilities are endless when you have the extensive ColorBond range to choose from. From creams to greens, light warm greys and dark colours to add drama and flair, you can be assured that we will find the right colour combination that blends in or makes a statement in and around your home.

Size – We will always strive to work the products we sell around your individual needs. We tailor and custom build every carport, to ensure that it seamlessly blends into your existing home making sure the height, width and length is designed for maximum space to hold your celebrations or park your vehicle under.

Roof Pitch – There are many different roof pitch degrees to choose from. Selecting which one, will depend on the look that you are after, whether you would like to collect rainwater from your roof, or whether you would like to add solar panels for efficiencies in the home. You can also select your roof pitch for a decorative touch or add a Dutch Gable style so that it gives you maximum clearance underneath to store your caravan.

Extra’s – Why not add optional extras such as skylights to add extra natural light in, a whirly bird for maximum breeze and comfort or a structural gutter for a stylised look and feel.

Does a Carport increase your property value?

Building a Carport can indeed increase the property value of your home. Carports provide valuable storage space or alternative parking which is highly sought after by potential buyers. Additionally, a well-designed and well-maintained space can enhance the overall appeal and functionality of your property. They provide a functional and organized solution for storing tools, equipment and other belongings. A well built Carport can enhance the overall appeal and utility of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers and potentially increasing its market value.

Carports Tweed Heads

Welcome to Fair Dinkum Builds Tweed Heads, your premier destination for high-quality Carports and Awnings in the Tweed and surrounding areas. Our Carports are expertly designed to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering you a versatile and visually appealing solution. With a wide range of sizes, materials and customizable options available, we have the perfect Awning or Carport to protect your car. Whether you require an entertaining spot next to your pool or a space to shelter your car from the elements, our durable and affordable Awnings and Carports are built to withstand the test of time.

Let’s get started and find out what your perfect solution looks like. If you’ve got big dreams to build aa Double Bay Carport in your home, call Fair Dinkum Builds Tweed Valley on 0447 002 988 or start designing in the Fair Dinkum Builds Designer App and send it to us for a free design and quote. See your designs first-hand as you play around with features such as colour, roof pitch and size. Make your shed, your masterpiece by adding in extra windows, roller doors or personal access doors.

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